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Take Care of your Business’s Financial Health!

As a Medical Provider, your main interest and focus is the absolute best care of your patients. At the same time, you are running a business and the financial health of your business must be considered as well. In addition to the personalized attention we give to our clients, what sets TPM Business Solutions apart from other Medical Billing companies is the attention to Financial Planning, Analyses, and Forecasting that we bring.

Our president, Terry McNamara is a CPA and MBA with over 35 years of advanced business experience, specializing in corporate Finance, including Financial Planning & Analysis, credit and collections, and general accounting know-how. He has the tools to maximize and maintain your cash flow.

With key information and assumptions provided by you and your team, a program would be established that would result in:

  • An Annual Financial Plan (or Budget)
  • Monthly reporting and analyses of actual results against the Plan
  • Quarterly updated Financial Forecasts to project the remainder of the current year.

The Plan and Forecast will consist of:

  • A Profit & Loss Statement
  • A Balance Sheet
  • A Cash Flow Statement

These are basic routines followed by many businesses, but often not stressed by Healthcare Providers. Such a program not only delivers a regular "temperature" of the current state of your business, but just as or more importantly, looks forward with a degree of confidence so that appropriate timely corrective actions can be taken if necessary. TPM Business Solutions can deliver this professional program at a cost much lower than you would pay your own professional employees.

You owe it to yourself to ensure your business is cared for with the same focus and personal attention you provide your patients!


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